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DownloadAudacity is a free recording and voice editing program. This software is perfect for users or fans of Mixing songs, open source and can run on various operating systems. Compared with other paid Audio processors, Audacity can be fairly easy to process Audio, especially for beginners. This app is very lightweight.

Free Download Audacity for PC
Audacity, lightweight recording and audio editing tool latest version free for windows Vista 7 8 10.
Download Audacity!


Description: Audacity
Type: Application
License: Free
Latest Version:
File Size: 23.3 MB
Last Updated: January 11, 2018
System Requirements: Support Windows Vista 7 8 10
Language: Neutral


free download audacity


Make a ringtone: Have you ever felt your ringtone is less interesting, and you want to replace it with your favorite song, just take it easy. You can create your own ringtone using Audacity.
Eliminate Vowel Sound: You can not imagine, if a song is vocalized, what happens. That must be live music.

Slowing down the track: If the song you hear is too fast, slow down by using the change speed effect.
Effect of fade out: When you record a song, at the end of the song you feel the song is less fit because it is still too hard. For that you need to slow the end of the song so that the end looks neat.

Minimize mp3 size: If you want your mp3 quality equal to the smaller file size, then you need an audacity setting.
Eliminating Noise: When you record a sound or song there is usually a sound that disturbs the quality of the sound.
Sound Recording: If you want to record sound, audacity has the ability to record sounds you create.
Combining Two Audio Files: You can combine 2 audio files into 1 with audacity.

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