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Google Chrome is a browser developed by google which brings unique and exciting features alongside other browsers nowaday. This browser has a minimalist design with advanced technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. For those who want quick access, simple and not complicated when online, then this program can be an option. Chrome has tons of features that are equivalent to other browser apps like multitabs, bookmarks, and function enhancements via extensions.

Free Download Google Chromefree download google chrome

Free Download Google Chrome for PC
Fast Free and secure browser latest version for PC Windows 7 8 10.
Download Google Chrome!

How to Download Chrome:

  1. Click “Download” atau “Download Chrome” button
  2. Configure the options as per your needs for clean installation
  3. Click “Accept and Install” button


Title: Google Chrome Online Installer
Type: Application
License: Free
Latest Version: Auto Update
File Size: 1.10 MB
Last Updated: January 08, 2018
System Requirements: Support Windows OS 7, 8, 10, 32 / 64-bit
Language: Neutral
More Info: Chrome Browse Fast

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Has a Functions like a search engine: Browser addresses in Google Chrome work just like search engines so it’s very practical. Through this service, not only can enter a website address and then visit it but also can enter a keyword in place then Enter or click command button so that will be transferred to search engine of Google. This feature is an advanced smart technology.

Faster and accessible: Google Chrome is included in the lightweight and lively browser category. Especially at the start of the initial start and perform tab instructions, both new tabs and tab displacement.
Incognito mode: The feature allows users to access a web page without leaving a trace or undetected.

Separate process on each tab: In every tab opened in Google Chrome has a separate process, so that when one of the tabs crashes or the error will not affect / cause all parts of the browser error.
Google Chrome Security: To be more secure and comfortable online on the internet, its comes with Phishing protection and Built in Malware, Autoupdates to ensure the browser is up-to-date with the latest security versions.

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