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DownloadSecurAble is a software to display the status of the three most significant security processor features. This utility checks by displaying 32-bit or 64-bit processor, and whether the processor system has the 64-bit instructions or extensions necessary to run its version of the Windows operating system. The tool runs itself without the need to be installed with the latest capabilities and conditions.

Free Download SecurAble for PC
SecurAble, fast tool to show processor specification latest version free for windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.


Description: SecurAble
Type: Application
License: Free
Latest Version: 1.0.2570.1
File Size: 115 KB
Last Updated: 16 Oktober 2017
System Requirements: Support Windows OS
Language: English


free download securable
free download securable for pc


SecurAble does not require any setup or installation. The executable file can only be run as a stand-alone Windows, Linux or Wine program. And nothing is left in the system after the executable file is deleted, runs clean and does not make any changes to the system registry or file system. This makes it ideal to run quickly on any system, for example at a computer retailer where you want to determine the security features-help that the system processor has.

SecurAble includes a built-in kernel mode module that empowers it to determine with enhanced accuracy where processor features can be present, and whether any features have been disabled or accentuated by previous system BIOS or operating system actions.

Once SecurAble runs and displays its findings, it is recommended to click each of the three sections of the view to view context sensitive specific information about what SecurAble has found for each processor characteristic.

SecurAble states the possibility to run kernel-mode code into a Windows Vista UAC (User Account Control) system. Therefore, Vista users will be required to allow this whenever SecurAble starts on the Windows Vista operating system.

Info: grcsecurable

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