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SmadAV is a free and powerful antivirus, enough to provide total protection and prevent the spread of the virus. This software is useful for additional protection and able to detect viruses, trojans, worms, and prevent the threats that usually spread through the USB flash drive.

Free Download SmadAV


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Free Download SmadAV
Free lightweight and powerful antivirus latest version for PC Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
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File Description: SmadAV setup installer
Type: Application
License: Free
Latest Version: 11.7.2
File Size: 1.96 MB
File Updated: January 13, 2018
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Language: Indonesia, English
More Info: SmadavNet


Additional protection for computers and laptops, compatible with other antivirus: SmadAV is an antivirus designed as an additional protection or second defense layer, so it is compatible and can run well even though there are already others.

Best USB Antivirus Protection: SmadAV has a special ability to detect new viruses in the flash drive even though not in the database. Not only prevention, this antivirus is also able to clean the infection and restore the hidden files from the USB flash drive.

An extremely lightweight antivirus: SmadAV uses only very small computer resources. Most active use only requires memory or under 5 MB and CPU usage is very small under 1%. With this usage, it will not affect or slow down the work of others.

Tools and Cleaners for cleaning viruses: SmadAV can clean the computer from viruses, either automatically or manually using the tools provided. This antivirus can also fix registry that has been damaged or changed because of infected.

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